In the world of entrepreneurship, some follow the path, and then there’s Praseed S Dev. Imagine a dynamic visionary, the captain of his ship, the founder of Grozeo, and a serial entrepreneur extraordinaire. His business and information technology journey is nothing short of remarkable, a tale of passion, innovation, and unyielding dedication. With a knack for setting up and managing ventures, Praseed has transformed his dreams into reality, painting success stories with every stroke of his determined brush.

Join us as we delve into the incredible journey of Praseed S Dev, the unstoppable force behind numerous triumphant initiatives.

A Journey of Entrepreneurship

Praseed S Dev’s entrepreneurial journey is rooted in a rich legacy of business expertise. Hailing from a business family, he imbibed valuable hands-on experience from an early age. His contributions to the family’s ventures extended across various domains, from investments to administration, research, and development. His keen business sense and decision-making abilities became pivotal in driving the organisation’s success. This innate talent laid the foundation for a remarkable career marked by innovation and creativity.

Before venturing into the world of information technology, Praseed worked with multinational giants like Macmillan and SDB, honing his skills and gaining invaluable insights into corporate dynamics. However, the turn of the century witnessed a pivotal moment in his career. Praseed decided to delve into information technology, driven by a desire to optimise his company’s internal supply chain. This decision marked the birth of a journey that would change the landscape of the travel, transportation, and logistics industries.

The Birth of Carego

As a visionary entrepreneur, Praseed recognized the need for a solution to streamline operations for transportation management businesses. This insight led to the creation of Carego, a software product that has been a game-changer in the industry for over a decade. Today, businesses rely extensively on Carego’s capabilities to enhance transportation operations. Praseed’s commitment to excellence continued; in 2018, he sold Carego to another company and embarked on a new venture.

Retaline: Empowering Small Businesses

Praseed’s entrepreneurial spirit continued to soar with the first IT company behind him. He established a second company, this time in the retail sector. The product of this endeavour was Retaline, designed to empower small businesses to transition to e-commerce seamlessly without requiring an in-depth understanding of technology. Praseed’s role as Velosit Info Labs and Grozeo International director further exemplifies his unwavering commitment to creating innovative software solutions for the retail industry.

Expertise in Supply Chain and Haulage Workflow

Praseed’s vast knowledge and experience extend to the intricate workings of the haulage workflow and supply chain management. He has worked closely with clients to develop detailed project reports (DPRs) to enhance supply chain and stock management. Praseed’s expertise is not limited to theory; he has also collaborated with commercial transporters, providing services across various transport models, including full truck loads (FTL), less than truck loads (LTL), third-party logistics (3PL), and loose cargo. His proficiency in managing carrier transit time (CTT) and load management is impressive, aided by AI solutions.

Innovative Hyper-Local Logistics with QuGeo

Praseed’s innovation continues beyond traditional supply chain solutions. He is the mastermind behind creating hyper-local logistics services that utilise GPS solutions like QuGeo. This revolutionary approach allows customers to book and select the most suitable vehicles for their shipments, with pricing based on distance. Furthermore, QuGeo optimises routes to eliminate traffic congestion, ensuring the shortest, most efficient delivery path possible.

Grozeo: The Game-Changer in Retail

However, Grozeo,the online store builder, has genuinely captured the imagination of businesses and customers alike. Grozeo is an advanced solution tailor-made for retailers, offering a zero-cost, zero-coding, inter-merchant physical marketplace solution that can be effortlessly set up within minutes. The platform is highly customizable, with tech solutions for pick-and-pack operations and managed services for last-mile delivery. Grozeo connects all stakeholders in the retail ecosystem, from customers to order pickers and delivery personnel, ensuring seamless communication and operation.

Predictive algorithms are at the heart of Grozeo, enabling customers to discover nearby stores effortlessly. It’s not just a marketplace; it’s a harmonious collaboration between stores, driving efficiency and offering customers an unparalleled experience.

A Visionary IT Consultant

Praseed’s impact extends beyond his entrepreneurial endeavours. He is a sought-after IT consultant for business groups, corporate giants, and government organisations. With a wealth of experience in IT and software, he is continually exploring new technology projects, positioning himself as a driving force in creating and developing software products.

In conclusion, Praseed S Dev’s journey from a business family background to creating innovative software solutions has been remarkable. His ability to bridge the worlds of traditional business and cutting-edge technology is a testament to his visionary leadership. Grozeo, with its game-changing approach to retail, is just one example of his commitment to innovation and excellence. As Praseed continues to shape the future of technology and entrepreneurship, one can only wonder at the exciting possibilities.

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