In case you are married or in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen or even permanent resident, you can easily join them in Australia with a Partner Visa.  The partnership visa in Australia can be divided into both Onshore and Offshore visas, which differ on the basis of where you are when you actually lodge the application – in Australia or simply outside. These visas are further forked into temporary as well as permanent visas, based on their time or duration.

Another kind of Partner Visa, that does not fall into either category is known as Prospective Marriage Visa that many also refer to as a fiancé visa.

Types of Australia Partner Visas

Here are the types of Australian visas for spouses and partners:

Prospective marriage visa

You can easily get a Prospective Marriage Visa in case you are engaged to an Australian citizen or even resident, and you look forward to marrying them in Australia. This kind of visa permits you to live there for nine to even fifteen months, during which time you must marry your fiancé.

Onshore Partner Visas

The Onshore Partner Visas are the ones that permit you to submit your visa application from inside Australia and wait for it to simply be processed there. There is a joint application process, so you need to apply for both of them all at once. However, you are going to receive the 820 first and wait two years until you turn out to be eligible for permanent residency. There are two kinds of visas here:

  • Onshore Temporary Partner Visa (Subclass 820), that is valid for nearly two years.
  • Onshore Permanent Partner Visa (Subclass 801), that is permanent. After two years with a subclass 820 visa, you need to submit a couple of other documents and then you are going to receive the 801 Visa as well.
  • Offshore Partner Visas. The Offshore Partner Visas enable you to submit your application from outside the region of Australia. Once you receive your visa, you may join your partner and even wait to become eligible for permanent residency. You have to apply for both the Subclass 309 as well as Subclass 100 Visa at the same time, but you are only going to receive the permanent visa once two years get passed since you got the temporary visa. You need to be outside Australia when you apply and once you receive the 309 Visa, but you may be in or outside Australia once you receive the permanent visa. There are two Offshore Partner Visas:
  • Provisional Offshore Partner Visa (Subclass 309). Which is a temporary sort of two-year visa.
  • Offshore Migrant Partner Visa (Subclass 100). This is the permanent type of visa you will get after the temporary one ends.

Remember that to ensure that your relationship is genuine, the Australian visa authorities are going to ask you to offer several documents. This may be utility bills addressed to both of you to simply prove you share domestic matters, a joint bank account to simply prove you share finances, phone records to make sure you keep in touch when you are apart, photos of the two of you together and with other folks to prove you have spent much time together and that other folks know of your relationship, and more.


So, you can get a Partnership visa for Australia once you make sure you fulfil all the needs.

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