The pandemic has completely changed the definition of employment and the workplace. From outdated schedules to telecommuting, the job market is changing in every way.

The truth is that companies are trying to survive the inevitable changes, and some workers are starting to question their current profession and the best path to follow.

12 Best Jobs To Start In 2023, According To Linkedin

1. Sales manager

One of the most wanted jobs in 2023 is responsible for sales. In general, this is a professional who leads departments whose objective is maximum sales optimization.

As? It’s simple: through its efficiency and identifying opportunities for growth.

2. Credit repair agent

Developing a consistent and powerful business plan is essential before you can begin as credit repair agents. It is imperative that you understand your market, manage your time and resources well, and implement a consistent and powerful business plan.

3. Business Development Representative

Ever heard of this profession? Business development representatives are typically early-career salespeople responsible for identifying and reaching potential customers.

As we can see, this is a highly important function today and with which many companies would survive.

4. Consultant in Public Administration

The Public Administration Consultant is a type of consultant who advises public institutions in various areas. The ultimate goal is to get better service.

Some examples are the modernization of infrastructures or even the improvement of computer systems.

5. Robotics Engineer

This professional is responsible for building and testing robots. The most common skills are process automation, robotics, and Python.

In addition, it is also important to mention that the average length of experience for people who intend to take on this position is generally 6.5 years.

6. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers develop, program, and test artificial intelligence systems for applications and products.

Professionals with previous titles such as Software Engineer, Data Scientist, or Data Engineer are the most likely to grab this profession.

7. Website Reliability Engineer

Have you taken on roles as a Software Engineer, Server Engineer, or DevOps consultant? Then this may be your profession of the future.

This professional creates and implements software tools to maximize the reliability and efficiency of a computer system. Also, know that the most common skills are: Amazon Web Services, DevOps, and Docker.

8. Cloud Architect

The Cloud Architect is responsible for the concept and subsequent construction of cloud environments, which adapt to a company’s business needs.

Deep down, it is a profession that has been increasingly sought after, considering the rapid evolution of digital media and technologies within organizations.

9. Data Engineer

This professional builds systems that transform a company’s raw data into useful ways for analytical use

To give you an idea, the most common skills are Hive, Hadoop, and Apache Spark. In addition, the average time of experience before assuming the position is about 9 years.

10. Customs Inspector

It’s true; one of the most in-demand jobs in 2023 is customs inspector.

It is a function where the professional oversees and supervises the boarding and disembarking of passengers and goods at land, air, and sea borders.

11. Recruitment Specialist

As we know, recruitment processes have undergone major changes caused by the impact of the pandemic.

Thus, recruitment specialists had to reinvent themselves and adapt to a new reality in hiring processes. As the name implies, this professional hires and integrates new workers into a company.

12. Website Traffic manager

He creates, monitors, and optimizes paid traffic campaigns on different channels. In addition, this professional specializes in producing online advertisements with the help of various Digital Marketing tools.

If this function interests you, know that the most common skills are: Google Ads, Digital Marketing, and traffic management.

In addition, the average time of experience before assuming the position is about 5 year

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