With your company, you want to seize new opportunities abroad? The perfect translation of your commercial, legal and financial documents is essential.

Entrust this difficult exercise to a professional online translation service like Traduc.com . Here are 6 good reasons to call on a team of professionals for your translation project.

1. Professional translation is her job

Each company specializes in one or more areas of activity. The same is true for professional translation services . By contacting an advisor for your translation project , the latter will ask you many questions about your translation needs in order to better understand them and offer you the most suitable solution.

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2. Benefit from personalized support

Your translation project is an essential link in the success of your international expansion , which is why it is important to ensure that its completion goes smoothly.

In this context, Traduc.com is made up of a team of advisers available to answer all your questions, but also to assist you in choosing your translator and ensure that the latter carefully translates your documents.

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3. Your specifications are respected

Calling on a professional translation service means benefiting from the support of an advisor who ensures on a daily basis that the professional translators selected for the translation of your documents translate them while respecting your initial prerogatives, whether in terms of writing style, adaptation to your target, words not to be translated, but also your budget and your deadline.

With Traduc.com, your translation project is led and monitored by a single consultant. You are thus regularly in contact with her and no loss of instructions or information is to be deplored.

4. Degressive and advantageous prices

Professional online translation services do not all charge the same prices; even if the latter is always established to the word.

5. Surround yourself with specialized professional translators

The translation services work in collaboration with professional translators from all walks of life. They are experienced or native translators who perfectly master all the possible linguistic complexities as well as the mores and customs of the country.

Traduc.com brings together a large community of more than 15,000 professional and experienced translators available to carry out all your translation projects. They are language experts whose country and resources hold no secrets for them. Our team of consultants accredits each translator present on the platform by verifying that they have the necessary skills to meet the requirements of your translation projects.

In addition, these professional translators have extra-professional skills in many areas such as business, marketing, technology, etc. which makes them both experienced translators and specialized translators .

Thus, calling on a professional translator on the Traduc.com translation platform means ensuring that you benefit from quality translations with terms and expressions specific to your field of activity.

6. Guaranteed quality translations

Once the translation of your documents has been done by the selected translator, the professional translation service team notifies you that your translations are available on your online space so that you can use it directly.

On Traduc.com , an advisor ensures that the translation proposal for your documents made by your translator suits you. If some of your instructions have not been sufficiently followed or if you have questions, all you have to do is continue your discussions with the professional translator.

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