One-off or regular donations: a major point for associations wishing to develop and collect funding. It’s very simple, just submit a form to your members. Today it is very easy to set up this kind of form thanks to the internet. Many platforms offer the possibility of creating them online for your members and future members. The goal is also to retain them throughout the year so that they continue their donations for your association.

Patronage and sponsorship

Patronage and sponsorship: this is another form of fundraising which aims rather at a partnership with companies at a local level. The companies establish an agreement with the association and make a donation to it, in return for which the association allows the company to deduct its donation from its taxes and undertakes to promote the company on its communications, as as a partner. But beware, companies are often very busy. So what will make the difference between the associations that they decide to help is the project that the association will set up, and the visibility that they will be able to draw from it. Before contacting companies, prepare a summary documentwhich presents your association, your project and a letter supporting your request which will be given to the decision-maker. Check with companies in your geographic area to find out about the different terms and conditions.

Crowdfunding or crowdfunding

Crowdfunding or crowdfunding: Another way to recover funds by explaining your project to the general public, this allows you to expand to a larger number. Do you have a specific goal? No problem, crowdfunding platforms will help you achieve YOUR goal. The principle is simple, you explain your project (history of the association, the goal, etc.), set up a budget (with a deadline) and the counter parties that you can offer according to the amounts given by Internet users. Communicate and create commitment around you to maximize your kitty. It is therefore possible to raise funds at home simply with an internet connection and people who believe in you and want to help you.

Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants: is a platform created by google (since 2003) which helps associations in their visibility. It offers $1000 to allow you to create Ad words campaigns (sponsored content) found on google search engines. This allows you to make an announcement to associations seeking funding through donations, sponsorship, crowdfunding or events. They therefore gain visibility but that’s not all, they can have access to a whole range of tools for their organization and the possibility of opening a youtube channel to share with their community. A real association kit is available to make your life easier. To be eligible for this aid, you just have to apply by presenting your association and your project. If it is accepted by google you will be able to participate in the program and therefore develop your visibility.

Sale of goods or services

The sale of goods or services: a disinterested commercial activity that can bring you big profits! The principle is that you buy items, on a specialized site, at a preferential selling price to resell them at the recommended selling price which often allows you to make between 30 to 50% profit. At La Souris Verte , we offer trendy items that you resell and you can collect up to 50% profit. All our items are sold individually to be as flexible as possible. Organizing a sales action simply by reselling products is the guarantee of being able to finance your associative or school projects.

This year, we are working together to offer you a 100% free solution for all associations. This will allow you to create your online store to set up your sales action (by selling La Souris Verte products) and to raise funds online.

The management of all the memberships of your members and future members thanks to forms set up by Hello Asso

Collection of donations via the platform with a dedicated page for your members.

The financing of your projects in crowdfunding mode with the provision of a real campaign tool where you can present your project, put an end date of the project and propose counter parties according to the levels and the donation made

Now that you know the 6 solutions to help you raise funds as well as the Hello Asso platform, you can make the choice that best meets your expectations. Each action is interesting to put in place: whether it is to make you known to the general public (crowdfunding, organization of events, google ad grants), to retain your members (donations, sale of goods or provision of services) or even to be in contact with one or more companies (sponsorship).

La Souris Verte is the partner of all associations for fundraising and allows you to finance your project. Every day we work to make your life easier.

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